The benefits of a local telco

30 Apr. 2019

What are the benefits of a Local Teleco?

Being a local company means being an active member of a community. But in supporting a local telecommunications business, you get a lot more benefits when compared to our larger counterparts;

·         Quality relationship:

A local telco company you aren’t just a number or another client. To them you’re a business partner and its their job to assist you in making your business more efficient via telecommunication.

·         Same or similar attributes/arsenal to large telco:

What a lot of people don’t know is that small telco’s have the same capabilities of a large telco. Not only that they can also be more competitive when it comes to plans for mobiles, VOIP and being an ISP (internet service provider.

·          Local and real people:

Often when you call a larger telco, you are forced to talk to an automated service – or a staff member based overseas who doesn’t know your business. Worse still, usually there is a huge wait time – and you can be moved between multiple departments. With a local telco there is no automated service, and you can talk to a person who knows your business, and get the job done.

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