Could your bill be cheaper?

21 Nov. 2018

Phone & Internet bills can be complex and working out what you are paying for difficult for someone who isn’t working in the industry.

We have a free service for any business that wants an audit done on their phone bill. We’ll go over what you are paying for, see if all services are being used; and do an “apples for apples” comparison to show you how much money you could be saving by turning off what you don’t need or moving your internet & phones to BlueReef Connect.

All we need is for you to send us a copy of your current phone bill, and we’ll do the rest. When we meet with you we’ll go through each service you have and show how you could be getting what you need cheaper and smarter.

If you are still using an old physical phone system or old handsets, we would highly recommend this service. For clients in this position, new features of hosted phone systems alone can bring a greater financial benefit to your business.

You can find more information, and submit your bill here.


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Could your bill be cheaper?

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