Why buying a mobile outright is better

26 Feb. 2019

When most of us look for a new mobile phone, we start considering the packaged handset and contract deals. While the monthly costs may not seem like much to start, it is imperative to consider handset charges, data packs and oftentimes painful contract cancellation clauses. Before you know it, you may end up paying much more for that new phone than you should, and it is costly to change.

What’s an alternative?

Buy the mobile phone outright! Sure, dropping $600 - $1500 on a new device can sounds like a big hit to your company expenditure, but this isn’t something you would want to do every year, and that’s the point. Buying your phone makes you more likely to hold onto it, to use it longer– saving you considerable money over time.

If the capital expense is too great, you can also finance the handsets separately – usually at a better rate, allowing you to change mobile plans whenever appropriate.

Buying a mobile phone outright gets you an unlocked phone. Unlocked phones can be used with nearly any carrier, unlike leased phones, which otherwise can be locked to specific carrier/s until the phone is fully paid off. Unlocked phones allow for simpler travel, with benefits such as being able to swap SIM cards on the fly, purchase data plans (depending on your location), and the ability to use your own phone overseas, as long as the network type is supported.

So, next time you’re in the market for a new phone, consider buying it outright instead of paying it off on a plan.

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