Why hosted phone systems are better for business

10 Feb. 2019

Hosted phone systems have their main working components run from a data centre instead of in your office - and work better for small and medium enterprise for three main reasons;

  • Flexible
  • Cheaper
  • Less risk

They are more flexible because there are fewer limitations and can change rapidly. A hosted phone system can have a single handset, or over a hundred – in the same solution; and this can be changed to either scale within an hour. Whereas old-style in-house phone systems have very real physical limitations (such as a limit of 5 handsets on a small phone system) which costs a lot of time and money to remedy when your business needs change. Call flow and behaviour can also be changed in minutes – remotely – whenever you need.

Cost savings come when moving to hosted phone systems because they require less effort to install, maintain, program and have lower monthly fees than traditional “connections” that older phone systems use. Think of a hosted phone system as a phone line, phone system & end user extension all in one package. The efficiency of bundling it all together can bring significant savings for business.

Lowering risk is a big thing for business. Outages & downtime cost business money and reputation. With old phone systems if you lose power, phone lines, or the phone system itself (through damage or age) your business is disconnected. However, with hosted phone systems we have many redundancies. If the internet or power is lost, you can hot spot from a mobile phone or take a handset to another location with internet – and it will keep working as if you were in the office. Because the main parts of the phone system sit in a data centre (where it has protected power, internet and security), the likelihood of outages lowers compared to a phone system in office (where many things can go wrong).

Of the numerous benefits of a hosted phones system the one that sticks out the most is the hands-on approach to support provided by local vendors. They can provide the most value for many businesses. Installation for the most part is simple with local telco support professionals, who walk you the process and design of the system.

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